Hello there, friend! We are Artlab and we design sound.

We produce, record, sound design and compose original sound tracks for podcasts, advertisements, records and movies.

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From punk rockers to presidents

We serve corporations, associations and the public sector reliably, with top expertise and more than a decade of experience.


Highest-end audio expertise

Audio is a format that has ripened in a dignified manner and is still growing its vitality. In addition to our listed services, we always experiment novel, useful and interesting ways of using audio. Numerous international as well as national awards and praises tell of our quality standards.

Our story

Artlab’s roots go way back to the year 2006 when Ville “Doctor” Liukkonen made his first rehearsal room recordings under the name “Artlab Studio”. The sound grew as recordings progressed, the studio matured into a production company and now Artlab is visited in harmony by punk rockers, podcasters and presidents of the republic (two of them, actually).

Artlab is a group of people that is brought together by curiosity towards the world and love for sound.

Artlab is cables, monitors, software, microphones and circuits

Artlab is creativity, playfulness and a quest for uncompromised quality.

We are Artlab

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