Antti Soulanto


Kimmo Koskinen


Pinja Korhonen


Tuomas Skopa

Sound design team lead

Jussi Liukkonen

Voiceover team lead

Ville "Doctor" Liukkonen

Live team lead

Ville-Matti Koskiniemi

Sound designer

Elisa Lipponen


Ville Lähde

Podcast producer

Roni Ylhäinen

Audio engineer

Emma Lumme

VoiceX producer


Elina Koivisto, chair

Kimmo Koskinen

Anttoni Palm

Pia Houni

What we believe in

Be useful!

We believe that a human being is at their happiest when helping others. We want to be of use for our customers, our environment as well as our for our fellow human beings. Socially meaningful productions are our bread and butter.

Take responsibility!

We carry our share of responsibility for the common world we all share. As a part of our responsibility programme, we fund the conservation as well as restoration of forests and overcompensate our carbon footprint. Our goal is to reach environmentally positive status retrospectively encompassing the company’s existence.

Be curious!

We aim to continuously develop ourselves. New ideas are approached open-mindedly and novel ways of doing things are experimented with boldly at Artlab. We study, test and sometimes peak over the edge at what we can find there.

Be human(e)!

We want to work in a humane way and promote fairness, well-being and mutual understanding with our work. There are soon ten billion of us walking across this globe of ours and it’s not gonna work out unless we treat each other with respect.