Localisations, overdubs and translations

We provide professional and authorised translations as well as overdubs for more rare languages in co-operation with Polaris language services.

The following languages are a part of our selection, for example: Russian, Estonian, Arabian, Somali, Kurdish, Farsi, Chinese, Albanian and Turkish.

Offer request

Hey there you with a great voice!

We are happy to welcome all professional makers of voice and sound to join our ranks. We require our voice over actors to have independent skills in sound recording as well as editing. Our production manual gives you the technical requirements for both recording and equipment along with tips and tricks for reading and editing the voice-over.

Currently we are on the lookout for speakers of minority languages especially. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are a fluent speaker of Russian, Arabian, Somali, Kurdish or Estonian, for example.

Please include the following if you contact us:

  • A sample of your previous voice-over work (an advertisement or a voice reel, for example) or a voice-over sample mastered to -14 LUFS loudness in mp3 format.
  • Your contact and language proficiency information

We will answer monthly for all the new applicants.

Contacting only to the address:

Contact us