Superfjord: All Will Be Golden

Superfjord, 2018

“Finnish Prog Rock merchants Superfjord have the kind of name that should cement immediate status as cult legends. Somewhat marvelously, they also sound as if the last forty-five years have never happened. The powerful resonance of the music they produce has, incredibly, seen the band embraced by BBC Music, and second album All Will Be Golden (Svart) could leave the average rocker wondering if this is finally an avenue into awards that have previously excluded our genres.

It’s an album we’ve all heard before in various guises, but that is too far in the dim and distant past to recall, and displays stunning arrangement and songwriting craft. Combing light and shade in glorious synchronicity, All Will Be Golden is a truly magnificent experience. If you feel albums such as Aqualung (Chrysallis) and Going For The One (Atlantic) are boring relics, then you certainly won’t get this: but if you know the age they came from and would delight in its rebirth, this could well be your favourite album of recent years.”

— Paul Quinn / Ghost Cult Magazine

Mikko Kapanen: vocals, guitars, percussion
Ilari Kivelä: vocals, drums, percussion, synthesizers
Juho Ojala: vocals, keyboards, synthesizers
Jussi Ristikaarto: vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, electronics, percussion
Olavi Töyli: saxophone, percussion
Sampo Fagerlund: percussion, drums

Äänitys, miksaus: Tuomas Skopa / Artlab studio