Silva Mysterium, 2016

Make (Romeo Lahti) is 11 but wants to be a teen or better yet, an adult – anything but a child. Instead he’s forced to look after his little brother Konsta (Matias Lindfors), who’s only interested in finding a four-leaf clover. When a bunch of teenagers Make’s looking to get friendly with tell him there’s a chance to get to see a real live pussy up close, he hooks up with his friends: the sensitive Teemu (Noa Louhivuori) and loudmouth Ville (Henry Havukainen). All they really know about girls comes from rumour and internet porn.

The journey is off to a bad start when Konsta follows them and tags along, refusing to go home. During the trip they come face to face with not only death but also something more complicated – life.

Only Pussies Screw is a road movie and a coming-of-age story, where Make finds out whether he can step up to the responsibility of leadership. It also answers the question of just what lies behind that mystical pussy boys are going on about.

Neliapila Yle Areenassa

Ohjaaja: Juha Lankinen
Käsikirjoittaja: Ilja Rautsi
Kuvaaja: Arsen Sarkisiants
Leikkaaja: Jussi Autio
Äänisuunnittelu ja musiikki: Tuomas Skopa / Artlab Productions
Tuotanto: Niko Ritalahti, Mika Ritalahti / Silva Mysterium

Rooleissa: Romeo Lahti, Noa Louhivuori, Henry Havukainen, Matias Lindfors, Julius Kukkonen, Joonatan Ritalahti, Alicia Savolainen