Keoma: Hypotheses

Keoma, 2021

”It is worth mentioning that the bass tone on the album, the distorted bass on this track, in particular, is easily among the most delicious bass guitar sounds that I have come across on independent releases maybe ever. I’m not a bassist but I certainly appreciate a good bass tone when I hear one! On the same note, when it comes to production-related affairs, the album is top-notch all the way through. Half of the magic stems from the fact that the songs are perfectly arranged. There’s a lot of room for the songs to breathe – and when it’s time to stomp down with the iron boot, the band sounds pretty damn convincing. Along with the tracks “Mirror Symmetry” and “Gaia,” the song inspired by the classic 1997 Luc Besson movie, Fifth Element, also stands out as a portfolio piece of progressive excellence.”
— Jani Lehtinen / Tuonela Magazine

Katri Hiovain – laulu
Eero Saikku – kitara, taustalaulu
Jaakko Stenius – kitara
Jaakko Saloranta – basso, taustalaulu
Sami Lönnberg – rummut
Sampo Vesa – koskettimet

Äänitys, miksaus: Ville “Tohtori” Liukkonen