Circle: Terminal

Circle, 2017

“This taste for the surreal and the eccentric might cause some to conclude that we’re dealing with a bunch of jesters who aren’t worth taking seriously, as if musical ambition was a phenomenon that only existed amongst bands who spend their entire on-stage existence studiously staring at their instruments. In some ways a follow-up to the relatively straightforward rock anthems of 2010’s excellent Rautatie but more consistently on target, Terminal provides the most compelling evidence yet to the contrary by matching the sweaty intensity and unstoppable forward-momentum of Circle’s inimitable live shows. The material is extremely potent, too: anyone bowled over by the extended, hypnotic riff-fests that have featured in Circle’s recent shows will be thrilled to note they’re included here in epic, heroically overdriven versions that exceed their live counterparts.”

— Janne Oinonen / The Line of Best List

Tomi Leppänen: rummut
Jussi Lehtisalo: basso, laulu
Pekka Jääskeläinen: kitara
Mika Rättö: kosketinsoittimet, laulu, lyömäsoittimet
Julius Jääskeläinen: kitara
Janne Westerlund: kitara, laulu

Äänitys: Jussi Liukkonen / Artlab studio