Burning Stories -animaatio

Burning Stories -hanke, 2018

”Burning Stories is interested in your expectations before you go to Black Rock City. After your visit, we would love to hear some stories about how it all went!

By sharing your story and participating in this research, anonymously or eponymously, you are helping bring Burning Man into ongoing scientific discussions, making the values of Burning Man accessible to a wider audience, and increasing our understanding of why belonging to the Burning Man community might be important and in what ways Burners might influence society.”

Production of a science communication animation.

Voiceover script: Anttoni Palm, Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä, Vilja Pursiainen, Oskari Pölhö
Animation Concept: Anttoni Palm, Oskari Pölhö
Animation: Oskari Pölhö
Sound Design: Jani Hietanen
Music: Bird Nest
Voice: Liisa Mayow

Production: Anttoni Palm