“I make raw, powerful and experimental music, as I’m drawn to all things strange. And on the other hand I love to design elegant ambient tracks that leave time and space for thoughts and feelings.

And where do you draw the line between sound design and music? I have no idea. Being a professional musician and a sound designer, I draw equally from both worlds. I create my sound by combining acoustic and electronic instruments and all kinds of non-instrument sounds. I twist, bend, distort, enhance, warp and buckle the sine waves until I feel the result in my body. That’s my main objective: to create music that resonates within the listener’s body.”

-Jussi Liukkonen

Technical know-how meets musical creavitity

Jussi Liukkonen’s most important skill is his emotional processing capability; he’s able to internalize the mood of the production and interpret it with sound.

His deep understanding of dramaturgy, past experience from a wide variety of audiovisual productions, his playful curiosity and unsurpassed skill with musical instruments and music production technologies makes him one of the most interesting music designers of our time.

Artlab’s world-class recording studio complex is Jussi’s home base. He is a studio engineer, sound designer and a composer in the same package.

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