Artlab Motion produces audiovisual communication and e-learning for health-oriented companies and organisations.

We also design easy-to-understand animations for research institutes and groups when there’s a need to communicate your research findings to the wider public.

The Department of Neuropharmacology in the University of Helsinki needed an easy to understand presentation of their research hypothesis. Artlab helped through the whole writing process from finding the most relevant information to summarizing it in a 2-minute script. The visualization of the story was also done in close collaboration with the research team.

​Skhole is a company providing online education to health care professionals. They needed a video to demonstrate their business model and future aspirations to potential funders. We art Artlab aimed for a visually pleasing yet simple presentation of the problem that Skhole was tackling and their solution for it. In explaining the core of the solution and the modularity of Skhole’s teaching structure we used visual metaphors found in the universe both in micro and macro scale.

The research team in Aalto University needed help with gathering people to participate in their research. Artlab’s task was to find a way to explain and visualize the research concept to a very nieche audience of people who had visited the Burning Man festival. To engage the participants it was important to also communicate how the research would give back to the community and what was the value of the research to the participants themselves. Artlab helped forming the clear idea of what needed to be communicated and took the project from writing to finished animation under their responsibility.