From complex to comprehension

“Working with Artlab’s team was extremely rewarding. They were self-guided, skilled and full of ideas. The resulting animation was exactly what we needed and a bit more.”

- Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä, Aalto University

“Skhole needed to communicate our business model for investors and customers. We asked Artlab to design and produce a suitable animation. They did a perfect job.”

-Tuomas Lipponen, CEO, Skhole

Artlab Motion specializes in making the abstract comprehensible. We listen, we learn and we internalise our customer’s knowledge and render it into easy-to-understand animations.

In addition to animations, we also create cinematic content, such as mini documentaries and brand videos.

Artlab’s team is passionate about science, technology and the future of our planet. Our customers are mostly health care, science and education organizations and start-ups.


Anttoni Palm
(+358) 44 333 1747

Anttoni Palm - producer

Anttoni combines business knowledge with a deep passion for science and fiction. He studied pharmacy, health economics, literature and pedagogy, spent a decade in the pharmaceutical and educational fields before giving in to his true passion in audiovisual arts. When not gorging on non-fiction books and popular science, Anttoni usually launches into lengthy monologues about the future of humanity with or without an audience.

Oskari Pölhö - animation designer, director

Oskari is a multi-talented digital craftsman, whose palette includes animation, cinematography, coding, photography and graphic design. He has honed his skills on three different continents lighting sunken ships and shooting Bollywood films. When not creating visual worlds, Oskari sits still under a tree.

Tuomas Skopa - sound designer, composer

Tuomas is a visionary sound artist, who has gathered domestic and international acclaim, dozens of awards and an Oscar nomination. He has designed sounds and music for films, theater, installations and radio features. During weekends Tuomas fronts the alt-rock legend Sydän, sydän.